Local Dem Bessette Sports ‘Hail Satan’ Shirt, Vows Return To Legislature In ’23

As we continue our series on the revealing social media posts of local and state candidates/politicians we return to Democrat Barabara Bessette, a former Great Falls Representative incumbent who lost to GOP newcomer Steven Galloway in Cascade County’s HD 24 in 2020.

After we posted our piece earlier in the week about Bessette’s nasty, extremely partisan social media accounts a reader sent us this photo taken from her Facebook page:

After receiving the photo and checking her accounts we discovered that this picture has apparently now been removed. There’s probably a lot of social media scrubbing going on right about now.

The rainbow unicorn Hail Satan shirt is no doubt considered to be ‘cute’ by some.

However, an upside down cross, two pentagrams and a hearty ‘Hail Satan’ is offensive and sacrilegious to a great many people who don’t consider it cute or funny at all.

Since she is confidently assuring us that she’ll be back in the legislature in 2023, we wonder how the voters who live in Great Falls’ HD24 feel about the symbolism of Bessette’s choice of attire here.

Here’s another of Bessette’s Facebook predictions:

It will be interesting to see whether Bessette will wear the ‘Hail Satan’ shirt while knocking on doors in HD24 during the campaign next year.

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2 Replies to “Local Dem Bessette Sports ‘Hail Satan’ Shirt, Vows Return To Legislature In ’23”

  1. Nope. She won’t be back. I’ll make sure of it.


  2. How will we ever recover from seeing an edgy joke about religion?


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