Failed Great Falls Dem Bessette Shows Nasty True Colors

This is the second in our series of articles with screenshots from local and state public officials’ and political candidate social media pages.

Last time we featured the not-so-nice 2020 Montana gubernatorial candidate Mike Cooney.

Today we’re highlighting Democrat Barabara Bessette, a former Great Falls Representative incumbent who lost to GOP newcomer Steven Galloway in Cascade County’s HD 24 in 2020.

Here’s what Ms. Bessette thinks about the will of Montana voters in the 2020 election:

And here’s another example of Bessette’s lack of civility and grace in the wake of her own defeat and rejection by Great Falls voters last November in the GOP Montana election tsunami, arrogantly mocking and belittling a young man and pointing out his racial profile in this ugly display of sour grapes:

We noticed Bessette’s Twitter tag is @bessette4mt. For Montana? Really?

E-City Beat will continue to make sure as many voters as possible get to know the true colors of candidates, like Bessette, who portray themselves one way during campaign season and a different way when they think voters aren’t paying as much attention.



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