Post Election Cooney Not As Nice Or ‘Moderate’ As Pre Election Cooney

Recently we have been getting emails from readers with screenshots from local and state public officials’ and political candidate social media pages.

And there are some very, very interesting examples which we will be highlighting in the coming weeks.

So let’s start with former Montana Lt. Governor and 2020 Democrat gubernatorial candidate Mike Cooney.

Many readers will recall the Cooney campaign ads portraying him as a really nice, good old Montana guy who, gosh darn it, just wanted to be a middle-of-the-road, common sense kind of governor.

Here’s an example dated October 5, 2020 from his CooneyforMT Twitter page, in a video lip-syncing to Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Dreams’, apparently hoping to get some air play by pitching Ocean Spray:

But since losing to Greg Gianforte by 12 points in the November election, a red tsunami, Cooney’s true colors are showing.

Here he is just a couple of days ago calling Senator Daines a Qanon nut and a ‘traitor’. By the way, Daines beat Cooney’s old boss Bullock for the Senate by 10 points.

Here’s another from his Mike Cooney (@LtGovMikeCooney) / Twitter page (does someone need to remind Mike that he is no longer Lt. Governor?) referring to Trump, who won Montana in a 16 point landslide, as a ‘criminal/delusional dictator wannabe’.

We could go on. On his various Twitter pages Cooney slams his former opponent, Gianforte. He lashes out at Representative Rosendale in viciousness and hatred repeatedly. His bitterness and bile is unleashed relentlessly against GOP state legislators, Trump voters, and pretty much anyone and everyone who is not one of his or Bullock’s sycophants.

Of course all of this is post election.

Because Mike Cooney is a phony and a very sore loser.

How appropriate and good for Montana that Cooney has been far more successful at exposing himself as a partisan hack and mean-spirited loser than he was at running for governor.

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  1. The dudes a moron. Thank goodness the voters saw through him.


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