Great Falls Dem, Jasmine Taylor, Reported For Hateful Online Behavior

Cascade County Democratic Central Committee official Jasmine Taylor (representative for precinct 22A) was reported and apparently suspended from Twitter for violating their hateful conduct rule.

E-City Beat received an email with the following message and screenshot:

“Have had the misfortune to encounter a hateful and disgusting person on Twitter: Jasmine Taylor from Great Falls. I wanted to share with you the report I received after reporting her for hateful/violent conduct:”

“Oo buddy. Keep saying biggoted shit like this and you may just have to get your teeth fixed all over again. And it sounds to me like you can’t afford it.” — @JasmineTaylorMT

ECB contacted the Twitter user, a gay man, who Taylor threatened and confirmed that he did indeed receive the hateful/threatening message from @JasmineTaylorMT and subsequently reported it to Twitter.

Taylor’s Twitter account, which was previously publicly available, is locked and no longer accessible.

Jasmine Taylor is a local political activist, failed candidate for state legislature and Great Falls City Commission, and partners with Cascade County Democratic Central Committee Vice-Chairperson Helena Lovick in a far left local opinion blog.

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4 Replies to “Great Falls Dem, Jasmine Taylor, Reported For Hateful Online Behavior”

  1. Isn’t Taylor one of the LGBTQ? Why would she say such a thing to someone who is reportedly in her community?


    1. Because he had the temerity to disagree with her.


  2. I find Ms. Taylor educational and entertaining. I liken her to the train whistle at the crossing. I’d rather she be out there blowing her horn. At least then I know who’s running over me.


  3. Does her behavior surprise anyone? I don’t know why democrats think that being mean, nasty, insulting and yelling is appropriate behavior. Makes no sense to me.
    I pray they get some God in their soul. Amen


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