Why Are Local Dems Trying To Eliminate Freedom Of Speech In Great Falls?

Recently the local WTF406 blog attempted to silence E-City Beat. They failed.

WTF406 is a far left opinion blog run by Cascade County Democratic Central Committee Chair Helena Lovick and CCDCC former/current precinct committee person Jasmine Taylor.

Both are also failed Democrat candidates for state legislature.

Apparently Lovick and Taylor actually believe they can silence opinions and information with which they disagree by using dirty tricks like trying to co-opt an already in-use, copyrighted name.

Here’s a Facebook post dated 10/4/23 from the ‘Jasmine Taylor For Montana’ page:

No, WTF406 does not own this blog.

And this isn’t the first time these Democrats have tried to silence peoples voices in Great Falls – they deployed the same tactic against a local group called ‘Liberty And Values MT’ a few months ago because they didn’t like that groups message.

Someone should inform Lovick and Taylor that E-City Beat will not be silenced no matter how hard they try, and that an expensive and lengthy legal action may be forthcoming if they continue.

Someone should also inform the Cascade County Democratic Central Committee and their 2024 candidates that their official silence on these attacks by their Chair and officer against the First Amendment rights of Great Falls citizens is tantamount to complicity and will not go unanswered now or in the upcoming 2024 local campaigns.

Great Falls Dem, Jasmine Taylor, Reported For Hateful Online Behavior

Cascade County Democratic Central Committee official Jasmine Taylor (representative for precinct 22A) was reported and apparently suspended from Twitter for violating their hateful conduct rule.

E-City Beat received an email with the following message and screenshot:

“Have had the misfortune to encounter a hateful and disgusting person on Twitter: Jasmine Taylor from Great Falls. I wanted to share with you the report I received after reporting her for hateful/violent conduct:”

“Oo buddy. Keep saying biggoted shit like this and you may just have to get your teeth fixed all over again. And it sounds to me like you can’t afford it.” — @JasmineTaylorMT

ECB contacted the Twitter user, a gay man, who Taylor threatened and confirmed that he did indeed receive the hateful/threatening message from @JasmineTaylorMT and subsequently reported it to Twitter.

Taylor’s Twitter account, which was previously publicly available, is locked and no longer accessible.

Jasmine Taylor is a local political activist, failed candidate for state legislature and Great Falls City Commission, and partners with Cascade County Democratic Central Committee Vice-Chairperson Helena Lovick in a far left local opinion blog.

How Parents of Special Needs Kids Can Lower Fatigue and Feel Better

Being the parent of a special needs child is rewarding but challenging. You may often feel wiped out at the end of the day with little time to address your own mental or physical health. The earlier you figure out how to take care of yourself, the better the outcomes will be for you and your child.

Evaluate Your Fatigue Level

Assess your fatigue level before drawing up a self-care plan. If you check one or more of these boxes, you have to commit to change, or you may find yourself experiencing burnout. Ask yourself the following questions.

  • Are you able to get good quality sleep and look after your body?
  • Do you have a network of people you can turn to when necessary?
  • Have you lost a sense of purpose or fulfillment beyond your role as a parent?

Cover the Basics

While serving as someone’s rock, don’t forget that you aren’t one. You’re a human being. You need at least six to eight hours of sleep and fuel in the form of a balanced diet. In your circumstances, this is easier said than done. But try to prepare nourishing meals while your child is at therapy or set a bedtime routine so you can sleep soundly while your kid does.

Moments of Joy

Put relaxation on your schedule to reduce stress. Socialize with people who lift your mood, get a massage or haircut, or take your child to the park if they’re amenable, and you can enjoy a walk while they play.

Amidst the struggles, it can be hard to recognize the small victories. Start a gratitude journal. Take five minutes and savor moments where your child made progress, your partner was there for you, or anything else you appreciated about your day or week. This practice has tremendous benefits.

Counseling and Support Groups

Parenting is difficult, period. Having a special needs kid can feel overwhelming. But, guess what? You’re not alone. 

  • Look for safe spaces on the internet. Talk to other parents in similar situations and share tips. 
  • Visit a therapist if possible. You can hash out feelings of shame or failure or take your significant other along for couple counseling.
  • Lean on your social support structures. You might not be able to go on vacation, but people who care about you will offer you a little respite at home. You can work out what wouldn’t classify as overburdening. For example, your neighbor who’s getting groceries anyway might be happy to get yours regularly too. If you have the financial means, hire the assistance you need. 

Personal Aspirations

For the sake of your long-term emotional well-being, your life has to be about more than just your child. Pursue hobbies that give you pleasure, or start a low-maintenance business. Work on getting further education. This goal is easier than ever with opportunities for self-paced distance learning online. 

You can combat exhaustion by eating and sleeping well, prioritizing breaks, and asking loved ones for help. Focusing on the things you can control maintains balance and positivity for you and your child.

Tryon ‘Sets The Record Straight’

After seeing someone named Ed Caffrey ‘quote’ me incorrectly on public news sites twice over the past week regarding the Great Falls Crime Task Force, I decided it was time to set the record straight.

The following comment was attributed to Mr. Caffrey on the Great Falls Tribune Facebook page; I simply thought Caffrey was misremembering something I said. Quoting Caffrey:

“In conclusion, I supported and voted for Mr. Tryon. I did so because of his campaign statements about Supporting/helping the average GF citizen, and curbing the waste of our tax dollars. HIS PREVIOUS STATEMENT: “This task force will not recommend anything that raises taxes.”https://www.facebook.com/greatfallstribune/posts/4322398821129917

But then earlier today I saw that Caffrey made the almost exact same false claim on this blog’s (E-City Beat) Facebook page.

I immediately contacted ECB and requested that they ask Caffrey to provide the citation for the false quote attributed to me that he is spreading on local news media sites.

Nowhere have I ever ‘PROMISED’ that the Task Force will not recommend “anything that raises taxes”. That is a fabrication. Period.

You can Google, goggle, search until the cows come home, read every article written on the subject of the Great Falls Task Force, and sweep the interwebs with a fine-tooth comb and never once will you find the ‘quote’ that Caffrey attributes to me.

Why? Because I never said it.

I have been abundantly clear and the record proves without a doubt that I have never and would never even imply that I could make any such guarantees or ‘promises’ regarding the recommendations of the Task Force, of which I am a non-voting, ex-officio member.

Using quotations marks and specific attributions meant to mislead the public is dishonest. I don’t mind if someone disagrees with me or has honest questions about what I say, but I don’t appreciate blatant misrepresentation of the truth.

Great Falls ‘Educator’ Launches XXX Rated Attack On E-City Beat Publisher

This Post Contains Content Not Suitable For Children

One of the reasons E-City Beat occasionally publishes anonymous articles, and allows our volunteer staff to remain anonymous if they so choose, was vividly illustrated yesterday when we published a piece on Critical Race Theory.

It’s hard to shock me nowadays, but one commenter succeeded in doing so on our Facebook post which promoted the CRT piece on the blog.

First, a brief background. In response to the article, a local teacher, Kristin Ann, commented her opinion which disagreed with the article’s premise and points.

That’s fine. We invite open, civil debate and diversity of opinion. ECB staff rebutted Kristin Ann’s comment and you can read the entirety of the thread here.

What’s not fine is a comment made by someone called Yuri Matsko in response to our rebuttal to Kristin Ann.

Is it any wonder that some people request anonymity when faced with this kind of response to their opinions or associations?

Matsko refers to himself as a ‘former teacher’ on his social media and styles himself an ‘educator’. Is this the kind of character we want our children exposed to in our school system?

I ask my volunteer staff to document and screenshot any violent or threatening content on our Facebook page and blog so they were able to capture a screenshot of Matsko’s filthy, unhinged personal attack on me before he was able to delete it.

After he deleted it he made another comment on the post which I’m sure he thinks is funny or somehow appropriate compared to his original comment:

A ‘huge hate boner’? ‘Sad old white men’?

Matsko is so totally lacking in self awareness that he calls ECB ‘disgusting’ for publishing a piece which expresses an opinion different than his own but fails to see his own use of extremely disturbing vile language and imagery as sick and disgusting.

Matsko should not be anywhere near our children in my opinion, but unfortunately his colleagues in the ‘education’ community apparently don’t see it that way, because there was not one rebuke of Matsko from the several local ‘teachers’ commenting on the thread. Not one. In fact there were several ‘Likes’ for his comment.

It actually gets worse. Apparently Yuri Matsko is also a member of the Great Falls Early Childhood Coalition, listed as a ‘Parent/Teacher’.

Let me remind you of Yuri Matsko’s comment, which he subsequently deleted, but not before we were able to screenshot it:

“Dear ECB Staff (probably that fuckin Phil guy), please go fuck yourself with a broken bottle, you donkey raping shit eater.”

Do you want Yuri Matsko, ‘teacher’ and ‘educator’, anywhere near an Early Childhood Coalition or in any way involved with your kids?

I don’t.

Blogger Defends Calling Sheriff ‘Rookie’ & ‘Dumber’ – Tryon Responds

Someone sent me a link to local blogger Mike ‘Jackie’ Brown’s response to my E-City Beat piece criticizing Brown for ridiculing Sheriff Jesse Slaughter.

I not only consider Jesse to be an outstanding sheriff, but I also regard him as a friend. And I will never hesitate to speak up and push back on ANYONE who wants to take cheap shots at him. Especially someone like Brown who specializes in sitting behind a keyboard criticizing others.

I must have really gotten under old Jackie’s thin skin. He gets really defensive when someone gives him a little taste of the nasty medicine he dishes.

He begins by providing a dictionary definition of ‘rookie’, “Rookie – a person who is new to an organization or an activity”.

Brown tries to palm this off as his justification for his snide and snarky reference to Sheriff Slaughter as a ‘rookie’ riding in on a horse or something in response to Judge Larson tossing a Great Falls man in jail for not wearing a mask in the courtroom, “…But then we have rookie Sheriff Jesse Slaughter ride into the scene.”

I suppose we could also use the typical sports world definition for rookie, meaning a player in his first year. Slaughter was elected Cascade County Sheriff in 2018 and has been in office for over a year and a half.

If Brown had bothered to do any research at all he would have discovered that in law enforcement, police officers are considered ‘rookie cops’ in their first year on ‘the job’. So if you want to talk about strict definitions then Sheriff Slaughter is not a ‘rookie’ sheriff.

Not only is Slaughter not a ‘rookie’ as Sheriff, he’d been a law enforcement officer for 18 years before being elected – putting his life on the line to help keep arrogant critics like old Jackie safe.

Brown’s after-the-fact use of a ‘source’ to define ‘rookie’ was nothing more than a phony attempt to cover his butt for his ignorant, “…But then we have rookie Sheriff Jesse Slaughter ride into the scene” original slur.

The two or three folks who read Brown’s Western Word blog may fall for that pathetic butt-covering attempt, but no one else does. Because it’s obviously dishonest.

Brown’s intention in tagging the sheriff as a ‘rookie’ was to mock and belittle Slaughter and make himself look like a big shot, savvy watchdog. He meant it as a pejorative, not as an accurate description of our sheriff’s professional status.

In his rebuttal Brown also tries to defend his attack on Slaughter, and me pointing out that Brown called the sheriff ‘dumb’, by writing the following: ‘…For the record, I said Slaughter was “dumber” not “dumb.”

Good grief. Memo to Western Word readers: Jackie Brown thinks you’re idiots.

Finally, it’s really easy to tell which of my criticisms of Brown’s condescending and poorly thought through smear of Slaughter got to him the most. It’s the one where he tries to convince himself, because no one else would fall for it, that “…As I was reading Tryon’s column out loud to family and friends, the following line had tears of laughter rolling down our cheeks…”

Sorry, Jackie, no one is buying that “tears of laughter” were rolling down a bunch of folks cheeks as you read to them.

Brown’s blog is basically just another boring “I hate Trump and his supporters” local regurgitation of the same old TDS talking points that others have been doing at the national level for four years.

We’ve heard it all before, but Jackie should keep practicing his anti-Trump propaganda because he’s clearly out of his league when it comes to local issues.

Lefty Blogger Mike Brown Calls Sheriff Slaughter ‘Dumb’ & ‘Rookie’

Local left wing blogger and Never Trumper, Mike ‘Jackie’ Brown, in his Western Word blog on Monday took some nasty and uncalled for shots at Cascade County Sheriff Jesse Slaughter.

Among other slurs against our hardworking and popular sheriff, Brown belched out the following:

“But then we have rookie Sheriff Jesse Slaughter ride into the scene. Of all things he could do, the Tribune reported he issued a news release Friday morning criticizing Larson for holding a Dupaul in contempt of court for refusing to wear a mask.”

Right on Sheriff Slaughter. You are exactly on point for criticizing Larson, and from everything I’ve seen and read you have a majority of the public behind you.

Brown sitting around on his arrogant butt, behind his keyboard criticizing a lifelong law enforcement professional like Sheriff Slaughter, calling him ‘rookie’, would be laughable if it weren’t so pathetic and inappropriate.

Jesse Slaughter ain’t no rookie when it comes to law enforcement, Jack, or Jackie, or whatever. Our sheriff has a very extensive law enforcement resume and a long list of accomplishments and experience.

Brown just comes off as an ignorant, lazy jackass for implying otherwise.

If Brown wants folks to take his little blog seriously, and no one I’ve talked to does, then he should do a little digging and research before he smears a dedicated public servant like Slaughter as a ‘rookie’ etc.

Brown’s hit piece on Slaughter paints Judge Larson’s actions as wrong for “…sentencing Dupaul to 24 hours in Cascade County’s coronavirus hotspot, instead of a stiff fine…”, and he’s right about that. But that’s just the set-up for Brown to go after Sheriff Slaughter.

Brown ends his condescending drivel with this – “In this situation Judge Larson is dumb and Sheriff Slaughter is dumber.”

Nah. But Brown did hit the hat trick; he’s dumb, dumber and dumbest for being a do-nothing, armchair critic of others who are actually on the front lines doing the hard work of public service while Brown smears them from afar, cluelessly believing he’s relevant.

E-City Beat In Print!

You might have seen this popping up around town (we hope!), but we are happy to bring to you, by popular demand, the first print edition of E-City Beat. We’re starting small, but already have plans for future editions.

Feel free to print and send to your friends who don’t live online, and as always, thank you for reading.

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Back In Business

If you’re tried to reach us in the past few days, you probably noticed that our website had a few glitches. For that, I apologize. We have been in the process of upgrading to a managed hosting service.

Simply put, E-City Beat now receives too much traffic to operate any other way. In March, this blog received over 24,000 unique page views.

Now, we are fully migrated, and can better and more fully serve the needs of our readers. As a local blog in a town of about 60,000, it is humbling to know that our monthly page views totaled 40% of the population in our community.

So, again, apologies for the delay, but thank you so much for reading!

(Oh, and according to speed tests, E-City Beat is now also much faster!)