Dunk Sheriff Slaughter To Benefit Toby’s House Crisis Nursery

Toby’s House Crisis Nursery is committed to the prevention of child abuse and neglect by providing refuge and safety for children.

You’re invited to a fundraiser to help raise money for Toby’s House.

Where: MT Pints patio, 215 3rd St. NW, Great Falls

When: Friday, August 5th 3-7 PM

What: Your chance to dunk Sheriff Slaughter for a good cause. 50-50 tickets, animal balloons, prizes, and live music by Rick Tryon

Cascade County Democrats Melt Down After Jesse Slaughter Breaks Up With Them

If you had asked a local Democrat just a week ago to rate Sheriff Jesse Slaughter’s job performance, they would have gushed about him — as Republicans would have, too, since Slaughter and his Undersheriff, Cory Reeves, have proven to be clearly capable, no matter the letter after their names. Anyone who is not a hopelessly craven mediocrity can appreciate steady law enforcement, which our community has in spades.

Now, though, the Cascade County Democratic Central Committee (CCDCC), led by a person called Ron Szabo, thinks Slaughter should resign.

What changed? It wasn’t because of a scandal, or police brutality, or “white supremacy,” or anything to do with actual policy.

No, it’s because Slaughter no longer wished to associate with the radical, Jasmine Taylor wing of the local Democrat Party. For that, and for not swearing absolute fealty to Szabo and the CCDCC bosses, Slaughter is now — according to them — unfit for office and should surrender his badge.

The Trib’s David Murray wrote a good piece detailing the CCDCC’s emotional and whiny response. A few things are worth highlighting.

First, CCDCC’s statement baselessly accuses Slaughter of violating the law: “We witnessed statements and actions that were not only inconsistent with the values and positions of Cascade County Democrats, but with the Rule of Law itself.” Szabo does not identify what law was breached, of course (Slaughter did no such thing); he just relies on the smear, that yes, Slaughter acted contrary to the “Rule of Law.” Apparently in Bizzaro Democrat World, distancing oneself from antifa-loving zealotry is on par with a crime.

Second, Szabo’s puerile screed includes high sounding rhetoric about the First Amendment: “Any individual in this community – whether Democrat, Republican, or Independent –  has the right to express his/her views without fear within the parameters provided by the courts.” Any individual except for Jesse Slaughter, that is.

Third, Szabo told Murray that Democrats had concerns about Slaughter over the years — concerns that troubled them so deeply, we are only hearing about them only now, just after Slaughter left the party.

Fourth, Szabo suggested that Slaughter’s dissent with Taylor’s moronic antifa post — and this is truly rich — put Taylor’s life in jeopardy: “Finally, as Sheriff, Mr. Slaughter should be concerned with the safety and well-being of EVERYONE in the county. By making political ‘hay’ of an individual’s Facebook post, he put a target on the back of a citizen of Cascade County whose protection is in his care. Professional ethics should put him above that.” Presumably, Szabo would like you to ignore his self-righteous posturing about free speech at this point. And if you’re keeping score, blowback from deliberately controversial posts should rest not with the publisher, but with anyone who has the temerity to disagree with them.

Fifth, Szabo correctly pointed to Taylor’s right to publish anything she wishes as a private citizen. However, Szabo also could have clarified, “We are not the party of antifa.” But he didn’t, because they are. It’s the party of Jasmine Taylor, Barbara Bessette, and Melissa Smith — radicals and losers of every single legislative race in Cascade County in 2020. No wonder Slaughter left them.

Add it all up, and it’s clear that Slaughter’s “crime” has nothing to do with law enforcement; it’s because he didn’t shut up and obey his Democrat masters.

Good for him.

Cascade County Sheriff Slaughter Switches Party From Dem To GOP

On Tuesday, June 15, Cascade County Sheriff Jesse Slaughter announced that he is switching political party affiliation from Democrat to Republican.

“It is my duty to serve all people of Cascade County to do this effectively I have to know I have the support of the party I have aligned myself with. So I am officially kicking off my reelection campaign to remain your Sheriff. I hope I can count on your support as I move my name to the Republican ticket“, Slaughter said in a video posted to his Facebook page.

In addition, Sheriff Slaughter explained in the video, “…From the very beginning I’ve made made it no secret that I’m a Constitutionalist. And that I believe in the Constitution and that I believe it’s concrete and not up to a progressive interpretation. Unfortunately, throughout my term so far I have repeatedly come under fire for my pro Constitution beliefs.

Twice in public meetings Democrat public officials have tried to censor my words and opinions because they did not agree with me. I’ve been chastised publicly and privately for standing up for peoples individual rights and your Second Amendment rights. In one instance I was completely ignored by the states Democrat leader when I sought help for our jail overcrowding issue.

You can watch the full approximately 5 minute video here.

Slaughter cited the following as one of his reasons for his decision to switch parties:

“Recently an outspoken former Democrat candidate shared a controversial post on her official campaign page. The post clearly aligned her and those that believe in her with the terrorist organization Antifa.

I’ve asked the Democrat Central Committee that the candidate had gone too far and would the party tell her to stop. As of this video I have received no response from the Democrat party and their leadership.”

E-City Beat published the post in question, which was posted by Jasmine Taylor, a week ago. You can read our blog commentary here.

In response to Sheriff Slaughter running for re-election as a Republican Cascade County Republican Central Committee Chair Cyndi Baker said in a press release:

As chair of the Cascade County Republican Central Committee I would like to welcome Sheriff Jesse Slaughter  to the party of common sense and American values.  He has the support of every republican legislator in Cascade County. 

As the most recent election showed, our county is now solidly red and there is no reason to think that this switch will do anything but enhance his future election prospects.

We share his concerns regarding lack of respect for the profession of law enforcement  by the Democratic party as well as the local candidates who have aligned themselves with radical and even terrorist organizations.

We laud Sheriff Slaughter’s desire to stand up for all the citizens in Cascade County and know he will continue to do an outstanding job no matter the party designation.

We are the “big tent” party and we welcome any other democrat office holder or constituent who feels  that their voice is not being heard or their concerns are not being addressed.

Great Falls Event To Support Local Law Enforcement Called ‘KKK Rally’

This past Saturday we held a Ride and Rally to show support for local law enforcement in Great Falls.

One of the reasons that the ride and rally resonated here is because there are many local law enforcement folks and their families who feel like they’ve been left out of the conversation the last several months.

Saturday’s rally and ride was not a statement against Black Lives Matter or any other organization, but rather a way to show support for the Great Falls Police Department, MHP and the Cascade County Sheriff’s Office.

I am proud to be a part of this community because of the love, appreciation and support we show on a daily basis for our law enforcement, and all of our great first responders here.

But I am also greatly disappointed and troubled by comments on local social media about the events on Saturday. Here’s an example from the Great Falls Tribune Facebook page on a post about their story before the rally – https://www.facebook.com/greatfallstribune/posts/3340175392685603

Cops don’t deserve a parade?

Our police are ‘nothing but a bunch of murderous thugs’?

Citizens showing up to support our law enforcement is a KKK rally?

Here are a couple of more from a Tribune FB post after the rally – https://www.facebook.com/greatfallstribune/posts/3344495405586935

A White Supremacist Rally? Stupid? Creeping Authoritarianism?

Oh, and here’s one from a charming and intelligent young lady on the KFBB Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/abcfoxmt/posts/3169340393192860

Thankfully these idiotic, hateful, and yes, evil comments and memes do not represent the majority of our citizens sentiments.

But my message to those who spew out this kind of garbage is simple – we don’t want your vile hate in our community.

Great Falls Ride & Rally To Support Local Law Enforcement Is This Saturday (contains graphic image)

Imagine going to work every day to protect and serve your community.

Imagine being the wife, a son or daughter, the mother, father or other loved one of a local law-enforcement officer who goes out to serve and protect our community every day.

Imagine that.

Then imagine seeing ‘F— The Police’ spray-painted on the side of a downtown building. That happened in Great Falls a couple of weekends ago. Right downtown in our hometown.

A lot of our friends and neighbors don’t have to imagine the kind of stress and fear associated with seeing themselves and their loved ones, our local law-enforcement folks, insulted, shamed and smeared on a regular basis – because they live it. Every day.

It’s time for the Great Falls silent majority to show up and to stand up and be counted.

The opportunity to show the world how much we love, appreciate, and respect all of our local law-enforcement, law-enforcement personnel, and law-enforcement families and loved ones is this Saturday, October 3.

Our rally will start at 1:00 PM, Saturday, October 3rd at the Gibson Park Band Shell. Bring signs, flags, balloons etc.

We will hear some comments from local law-enforcement and family members and then we will walk over to the Great Falls Police Department HQ to give them three big ‘hip hip hooray’s’. We will walk back to the band shell and give the Cascade County Sheriff’s Office three big ‘hip hip hooray’s’.

In addition to the rally, Wendy Dick is organizing a ‘Black the Blue Ride’ in conjunction with the rally.

All cars and motorcycles are welcome to join in the drive around downtown displaying your flags and signs in support of local law-enforcement. There might even be some honkin’ goin’ on.

The ride will form up at the Mitchell Pool parking lot starting around 11:30 AM.

For the rally, we ask that you wear a mask if you can and practice social distancing at this outdoor event, per City County Health Department guidelines. We will have hand sanitizer stations available.

The Great Falls Community Police Foundation will have a table at the rally selling ‘Back The Blue’ signs to raise funds to aid the Great Falls Police Department with purchases of equipment and education not accounted for in the annual budget.

And please remember that this is not a demonstration AGAINST anyone or anything. It is a community show of support FOR our awesome law-enforcement folks and families and law-enforcement personnel.

Let’s show the world how much Great Falls loves, supports, and appreciates local law-enforcement.

Blogger Defends Calling Sheriff ‘Rookie’ & ‘Dumber’ – Tryon Responds

Someone sent me a link to local blogger Mike ‘Jackie’ Brown’s response to my E-City Beat piece criticizing Brown for ridiculing Sheriff Jesse Slaughter.

I not only consider Jesse to be an outstanding sheriff, but I also regard him as a friend. And I will never hesitate to speak up and push back on ANYONE who wants to take cheap shots at him. Especially someone like Brown who specializes in sitting behind a keyboard criticizing others.

I must have really gotten under old Jackie’s thin skin. He gets really defensive when someone gives him a little taste of the nasty medicine he dishes.

He begins by providing a dictionary definition of ‘rookie’, “Rookie – a person who is new to an organization or an activity”.

Brown tries to palm this off as his justification for his snide and snarky reference to Sheriff Slaughter as a ‘rookie’ riding in on a horse or something in response to Judge Larson tossing a Great Falls man in jail for not wearing a mask in the courtroom, “…But then we have rookie Sheriff Jesse Slaughter ride into the scene.”

I suppose we could also use the typical sports world definition for rookie, meaning a player in his first year. Slaughter was elected Cascade County Sheriff in 2018 and has been in office for over a year and a half.

If Brown had bothered to do any research at all he would have discovered that in law enforcement, police officers are considered ‘rookie cops’ in their first year on ‘the job’. So if you want to talk about strict definitions then Sheriff Slaughter is not a ‘rookie’ sheriff.

Not only is Slaughter not a ‘rookie’ as Sheriff, he’d been a law enforcement officer for 18 years before being elected – putting his life on the line to help keep arrogant critics like old Jackie safe.

Brown’s after-the-fact use of a ‘source’ to define ‘rookie’ was nothing more than a phony attempt to cover his butt for his ignorant, “…But then we have rookie Sheriff Jesse Slaughter ride into the scene” original slur.

The two or three folks who read Brown’s Western Word blog may fall for that pathetic butt-covering attempt, but no one else does. Because it’s obviously dishonest.

Brown’s intention in tagging the sheriff as a ‘rookie’ was to mock and belittle Slaughter and make himself look like a big shot, savvy watchdog. He meant it as a pejorative, not as an accurate description of our sheriff’s professional status.

In his rebuttal Brown also tries to defend his attack on Slaughter, and me pointing out that Brown called the sheriff ‘dumb’, by writing the following: ‘…For the record, I said Slaughter was “dumber” not “dumb.”

Good grief. Memo to Western Word readers: Jackie Brown thinks you’re idiots.

Finally, it’s really easy to tell which of my criticisms of Brown’s condescending and poorly thought through smear of Slaughter got to him the most. It’s the one where he tries to convince himself, because no one else would fall for it, that “…As I was reading Tryon’s column out loud to family and friends, the following line had tears of laughter rolling down our cheeks…”

Sorry, Jackie, no one is buying that “tears of laughter” were rolling down a bunch of folks cheeks as you read to them.

Brown’s blog is basically just another boring “I hate Trump and his supporters” local regurgitation of the same old TDS talking points that others have been doing at the national level for four years.

We’ve heard it all before, but Jackie should keep practicing his anti-Trump propaganda because he’s clearly out of his league when it comes to local issues.

Great Falls Shows Appreciation For Local Law Enforcement

Wednesday, July 29 was local Law Enforcement Appreciation Day in Great Falls and in addition to local residents purchasing and displaying “406 Back the Blue” signs, there were several other displays of appreciation for the work the Great Falls Police Department and Cascade County Sheriff’s Office do for our community.

George Nikolakakos organized a GoFundMe page fundraiser which raised $635 to benefit the Great Falls Police Community Foundation.

A local anonymous donor in conjunction with three local businesses contributed some food and drink to local law enforcement.

  • Double Barrel Coffee House Cafe delivered lunch to the Cascade County Sheriff’s Office.
  • Teriyaki Madness catered lunch for the Great Falls Police Department.
  • Morning Light Roasters delivered coffee and some baked goods to both the GFPD and the CCSO for breakfast.

A law enforcement support rally originally scheduled for Wednesday evening was postponed and will be rescheduled to take place latter this summer, according to organizer Rick Tryon.